Law Enforcement

Although the City of Westfir is an incorporated city, maintaining our own police department is prohibitively expensive. We have several agencies that work together to keep Westfir safe and provide emergency services.
The following agencies provide local law enforcement to our area.

The City of Oakridge Police Department (OPD)
The City of Westfir contracts with the OPD on a fiscal year basis to provide a police presence through regular patrols in addition to emergency services. Annual cost varies from year to year, dependent on available grants. For more information on cost to the City of Westfir, please see our Budget & Finance page. For more information on the OPD, please contact the City of Oakridge at

Lane County Sheriff’s Office
For more information about the services provided by our Sheriff’s Office, please visit

Oregon State Police (OSP)
For more information about OSP, please visit their website at OSP maintains an office at the Willamette Fish Hatchery located to the east of Oakridge.

United States Forest Service (USFS)
The joint communities of Westfir and Oakridge are surrounded by the Willamette National Forest. Crimes committed on federal lands are enforced by the USFS’s own law enforcement. You may contact the Middle Fork Ranger District here.

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